Sail Tour and Training with Yacht “Sail with me”

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Did you know that you can run a yacht only 1-hour drive from Sofia? Do you know that you can surprise your girl with a romantic stroll in the water or celebrate your birthday party with a sailing boat party? We, from the team of, are here to give you all these emotions! We provide everyone who wants to learn how to manage a yacht or enjoy a relaxing stroll in Iskar Dam.

The main activity of is focused on the implementation of initial sailing training for children, adolescents and girls from Sofia, as well as students from HEIs.

After the completion of the initial training courses, a selection of those who wish to continue sailing and participating in the club’s representative team in different classes and age groups is selected.


Sailing with a yacht during the 2018 season will take place at Iskar Dam from 01.04 to 30.10

  • Relax after work
  • Unforgettable and enjoyable weekend breaks
  • Cooling on warm summer days
  • Surprise for a loved one on a holiday, birthday, and so on.
  • Romantic walk
  • Coupon with friends
  • To take adolescents from the adverse impacts of the urban environment and bring them closer to nature.

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