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Human design is a new science that integrates genetics with the Indian system of chakras, kabala, astrology and i’zin. It reveals not only an understanding of human life in itself, but also a very specific knowledge of each individual: his health, his personal psychology, his vulnerability, his talents. It also provides knowledge about human relationships, family dynamics, analysis and grouping of small, medium and large companies and organizations.

Through HR development sessions, you will learn:

How to know and accept yourself as you are, not to strive to change
“Strategies” that will help you live in harmony with your true nature
How to use your “inner authority” for the right decisions in your life
Have less feeling of dissatisfaction and resistance in your everyday life
This information will help you get a deep understanding of how unique each of us is.
Human design is mostly related to proper decision making. The right decisions are those you take for yourself by using the vital power of your unique inner authority. By using our inner authority, not our mind, we will take those decisions that are not conditioned but uniquely correct for yourself. In this way, your experience of using internal authority is deepening, and your own uniqueness is expanding more and more. The uniquely taken decisions will become your second nature. External authority is what we share and communicate each other through communication to connect with each other. At this particular stage in the evolution of man, people live in the plane of the mind. The mind can be resting only when it notices and recognizes its own nature, ie. our personal design (Human Design). When we do the work of the mind, we can move to the spirit while we give our inner authority to the mind, it is impossible to get to ourselves. It is a practical mental knowledge that can be applied and used in everyday life.

In personal design there are two types of authority – internal and external. Internal authority. Internal authority is the ability to decide for yourself, and the outside to lead, direct and inform.

The purpose of personal design is to reveal your uniqueness. First, by showing you what you are defining. The next step is to show you which centers are open to you in order to figure out how you are conditioned by the environment. The next step is to stop identifying with open centers. The idea of Human Design is to harmonize our personal flow with the common flow. Obviously, knowing about your unique design and living it are two different things. To live in harmony with nature requires tremendous courage. You can learn to understand your personal design with your mind, but living it, you can teach you only life itself.

Human design is a very useful knowledge to understand the relationship between our partners and colleagues – where we are motivated, how to build on their strengths and not demand where there is no potential and resource.

Type and strategy

Type is the most important aspect in human design. If you know what kind you can start to reveal your own nature, you have the tool to accept yourself and realize your values.

The experience of your personal type releases your true self. It’s like a user guide that lets you live your life as you are born to experience it. It is enough to experiment with the model and strategy of your type and make sure it works. The types are: Manifesto, Generator, Manifestation Generator, Projector, Reflector.The type in Human design has nothing to do with psychological and personality types. Here, the structure of the type is related to the type of body, the genetic type and determines the health, sexuality, relationships, dreams, determines our overall genetic structure as a human being.

Human design

Do you want to find your ideal partner?
Do you want to make the right decisions?
Do you want to show 100% what you can?
Do you want to know who you really are?
Do you want to know who your strengths and weaknesses are?
Then get familiar with … yourself, through Human Design!

Ascendant in Horoscope

The ascending or rising sign is one of the three most important factors involved in determining the complete horoscope.The ascendant is indicative and to some extent determines our approach to life, how we express ourselves to others, how they see us, how we meet the challenges and the difficulties and how we deal with them.

Moon in the horoscope

Together with your zodiac and ascendant, the position of the moon is one of the most important factors in your horoscope. The moon is related to your feelings, subconsciousness and intuition. It defines your attitude towards your home and family, your past and childhood.

Color therapy

The term “color therapy” derives from the relationship between color and human emotions established by ancient scientists. Investigating the impact of human color sensations on the speed of psychic processes taking place in the body concludes that the yellow color does not affect our psyche; green slows down reactions; the violet –
suppresses psychological processes; the blue has a stinging effect; pink activates the state of man in psychological anxiety and malaise.
According to feng shui-methodology, a properly chosen color is the assistant of man in changing his fate and in many life situations for the better.Since color affects not only the mood and mental state of the person, it leads to some physiological deviations in the body. And since every one of us spends a lot of time indoors, the color of the interior is very important. Of course, our choice of colors influences our personal preferences. Let’s not forget that properly selected color is an important element in strengthening and conserving our health.

Energy protection of homes, offices and buildings

The protection consists of 4 or 5 capsules in which the security program is recorded.
The capsules are placed in the 4 or 5 corners of the dwelling, whereupon a protection zone is immediately formed between them with a height of 240 cm.
100% of all harmful emissions are neutralized:
– Underwater currents
– Polluted tellurian water
– Hartman’s network
– Curie’s network
– Technical broadcasts
– It suppresses and neutralizes the whole pathogenic microflora
– Strengthens the immune system
– Purifies and energizes food and liquids
WARNING !!! Keep capsules out of touch and running water. They delete the program!

Numerological analysis

Numerology is a kind of key to understanding the past, the present, and the future.

Take the magical power of the numbers in your hands by calculating and analyzing the number of:
– The life path;
– Personal Year;
– The private month;
– The birthday.

Bioenergy protection

The power of bioenergy protection lies in the building of an extra layer on the aura that passes only the beneficial health flows of energy and radiation while at the same time PROVIDES by:

GEOPATHOGENIC OUTLETS – Hartman’s network, Curie network, underground water currents and others.
Bioenergy protection has no contraindications and age restrictions.

Matrix of Pythagoras

The Pythagorean Matrix shows how to LEARN the person!

You will learn a lot about:
• strengths and weaknesses;
• for what energy the Universe gave you at the moment of your conception;
• What are your hidden interests and talents;
• how strong your intuition is or how you are more subject to logic;
• how much you can count on luck and how much life is the fruit of your stubbornness and hard work;
• Do you have clairvoyant talents ….


Human Design – Get to Know Yourself!

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Calculation and analysis of the Human Design profile – short / up to 7 pages / 25.00 lv
Calculation and analysis of the Human Design profile – detailed / up to 25 pages / 75.00 BGN
Calculation and Analysis of the Ascendant in the Horoscope (up to 5 pp / 20.00 lv
Calculation and analysis of the moon in the horoscope / up to 5 pages / 20.00 BGN
Partner Analysis on the Human Design System / up to 2-3 pages / 15.00 BGN
Numerological analysis – written / up to 5 pages / 20.00 BGN
analysis Numerological – online consultation – the price is per person – about 1h 40.00 BGN
Calculation and analysis of Pythagoras Matrix (up to 10 pages / 25.00 lv
Reiki Session – about 60 min 35.00 lv
Color therapy – about 30-40 minutes 30.00 BGN
Dr. Bach’s Drop Therapy 30.00 lv
Energy protection of dwellings, offices and buildings upon agreement after inspection
Bioenergy protection – personal 20.00 lv


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