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Ganesha Club - Wellness Center

WELLNESS CENTER GANESHA CLUB is a boutique salon for divine moments. The place where the West meets the East and creates bliss for all.

The rich range of exotic body and face treatments with Bio and luxury cosmetics. Thai, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, Yomayo, aroma, relaxing, sports and classic massage will reveal your divine nature.

Achieving perfection is not an illusion. Open the door to the Ayurvedic Mysteries and learn more about yourself according to the ancient science of AYURVEDA. Learn to master and regulate yourself through everything right now.

Innovative holistic approaches to treatment for body and mind. Try Art therapy and forget the stress.

NUMEROLOGY is a precise science of entering the matrix of integers. Meet your other self. Discover the secret coded in the numbers and how to use them to realize your projects.

 In a busy and exhausting way of life, recharge with Reiki energy and experience balance, harmony and joy in a luxurious setting.


Designer Bio Massage

Create a massage to your taste by combining Bio products yourself
from our Wellness Menu.
Relax in a boutique setting with selected massages, fragrances, colors, music and cocktails.
Types of massage: aroma, relaxing, sporty and classic
Fragrances: rose-aphrodisiac;
pine - detox

Ayurvedic Massage "Ganesha"

Using specific movements on energy meridians, this massage relaxes the nervous system deeply. It balances the internal organs, eliminates stress, tension, depression, and extreme exhaustion and fatigue on mental and physical level. It cleanses and expels toxins, rejuvenates and nourishes the cells of tissues, helps fight headaches, joint pains and waist. It reduces the Bata imbalance caused by the very dynamic daily routine, frequent travel, cold, stress expressed in dry skin, digestive problems, swelling and stomach and intestinal gas. Massage promotes skin renewal, tone the muscles, strengthens immunity. Massage soothes the mind, nourishes the heart and strengthens the bones and nerves.



COMPLEX MANUAL THERAPY is a bouquet of different therapies, united in one whole. Each patient gets a strictly individual approach, where, after diagnosing the problems, the use of a certain type of technique is emphasized, depending on the specificity of the problems.

Chocolate Therapy

Cocoa contains many antioxidants that hide the secret of young skin. It has long been known that not only the taste but also the aroma of chocolate acts positively to the emotions - soothes, creates a feeling of inner harmony and comfort. Cocoa butter makes the skin velvety. It moisturizes, softens and rejuvenates the skin, gives it a shine and an irresistible look.


How It Works

According to the Wonders of the Holy Scriptures, OM sounds from pure Consciousness. From it the five basic elements are born. These five elements, in the human body, take the form of the three doses or bodily principles. It is from these doses that the individual organism is formed - our Prakriti.

All functions in the body are guided by these three energies or doses called Vata, Pita, and Kafa. Their unique presence in each person determines its individuality - physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

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