Deizi Optics

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In 2001 one of the first optics “Deizi” was founded. It is located in the town of Novi Iskar. This optics is now the place where dioptric glasses are made for years. There you will find a wide selection and variety of dioptric frames, sunglasses and all the accessories that are necessary for your good vision and self-esteem. At the time we work tirelessly for our customers, we have proven to be true professionals. With us, each client receives a competent consultation about the appropriate frame and type of dioptric lens related to his everyday life as well as his budget.



Since then Deizi Optics has opened in several more locations in Sofia and continues to grow up to this day.


In Daisy optics, professionalism is an advantage. For years we’ve built open, honest, trustworthy and respectful relationships with all our clients and patients, without exception. With us, you feel comfortable and satisfied all of our services.



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