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Our club’s goal is to help you organize your time and lifestyle with tried and tested methodologies. We aim to help anyone who wants to develop to do it in a quality environment with positive and well-meaning people. We have contacts in different fields and we can help with your spiritual and personal development.

Our vision is to build a group of quality people to help with all kinds of issues – business, business, personal, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, etc. Our main activity is related to helping and solving various life problems within the given information from you.

We aim to realize different projects in this group in order to develop them well and reach more people. We know that the recommendation model is very strong and our goal is to use it to achieve your results.


Business Consulting

We are aware that every business is created for profit and that is in direct relation to its growth. We have the abilities to give you the necessary support and training on how to have a profitable small business that will one day become big. Thanks to technology and innovation today, we can achieve great achievements that we have not even dreamed of.

Financial Consulting

The financial sector and how to make the money work for you is of utmost importance nowadays. By common effort, we can achieve good results and do so so that we can find out what is the eighth miracle of the world, according to Einstein, et. "Complex Interest Rate". Knowing the world of finance, one begins to get to know himself and his values. Our work is related to investment advice and good personal finance management.

Training Systems

Тук определено имаме много какво да сподели и да дадем. Мисията ни тук е свързана с изграждането на система за обучение на хора и бизнеси. Всеки един бизнес е движен от индивид, чиято ценностна система е определяща за самият бизнес. Ако човека е добре информиран и обучен как да премине през всички процеси, то бизнеса ще се движи в един рамков модел, където няма да има изненади от сорта на „Този месец няма пари за заплати.“ Всяка една система е на базата на процесен подход, който носи голяма добавена стойност в извършването на дейностите.

Complete Transformation System

We have a comprehensive transformation system built into a personality that aims to raise the level of interest and the level of performance of each individual person. For this system, I can "talk", write for hours, but it is not the purpose. The system can be called life changing! Our task is to pass it on in a format that can be recognized for you and bring you into the process and the small steps. Your job here is to use it daily to get results. From then on, your limit is only Heaven!

Reiki Energy

Reiki system for healing and self-healing helps the person reach his inner self. This is a system whereby you can achieve results on a material level through perseverance in your work with it. The Japanese "Ray Ki" means "Universal Life Energy" that penetrates everything and everywhere. It concentrates in the energy centers (chakras) of the body and can be targeted to treat, restore and balance all the processes in the body.


Besides material and professional, one is well to develop spiritually. The development in this aspect is related to the separation of time and the dedication of this time to oneself. Through meditation, one can reach out to many answers within him that give him clarity. Meditation is a tool used by our great powers of mind to relax mind and relax. Nowadays it is even modern to "meditate". Please do not do it, so do it for yourself. We have many good meditations on certain aspects of life that regularly carry great results.

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