Bedroom Plovdiv


Nightlife of Plovdiv already has its stage – glamorous, extravagant, modern … Club Bedrum Plovdiv! Night entertainment in the city has become more important, the party has become a cult – a cult of time for yourself, a cult of time spent with friends and beautiful people.

Everyone has the right to be pampered, to feel special.

Bedroom Club Plovdiv has a personal attitude towards each of its clients, the atmosphere predisposes to the unique evening, the huge stage makes the visitors of the show witnessing a different spectacular show with extravagant costumes. The Ladies Ladies’ Sexy Ballroom enters different roles, engaging guests in adventures, making them a true spectacle.

Among the titles of the performances are: Fetish Night, White Devils, RockstaR, Look Me in the Mirror, Rich & Bitch, Code: Pirates, Haute Couture, Meet The Mad Max, Victoria Secret’s and many others. And the music in the club – music is a trademark for Bedrum. Precisely selected sets, guest DJs, acoustic sound – all this will make every visitor bustle, enter the world of night Plovdiv and seal the party in rhythms and movements. Parking in front of the restaurant provides easy and quick access to it.

Going beyond the club’s threshold, your night’s experience begins.

Yes, an experience because the happening in Bedrum club in Plovdiv is like cinema – unreal and fantastic. Each day of the week gives you a different emotion, giving you a different charge. Thursday is the evening for black music lovers. A black party without an analog that will meet you personally with the most recognizable names from the native hip-hop scene – Upsurt, 100 Kila, Krisko, Tita, Dara, Alex P. and many others.

Friday is the day for the best musical selection, which will elegantly mark the start of the weekend.

Saturday is characterized by the most energetic chaos, stylish visitors and a star show, which Bedroom Plovdiv Club turns into your favorite and preferred location. See you there!

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