Bar Casa De Cuba


Casa de Cuba – the place that makes you remember (without gross interference with the physical laws of time and space) about the carefree and pleasant decaying times of the sunny island since the beginning of the last century! In the whirlwind of the Suk’s regime in the United States, before the Communist celebration, Cuban bars are the real scene for endless feasts and unheard-of exotic delight for the “disaster” of the American population.

The rich selection of authentic cocktail recipes at Casa de Cuba, the exquisite but unobtrusive interior, the hearty attitude of our people behind the bar and around the tables will help you experience the atmosphere of pleasure during this famous period of entertainment history. For true Cuban mood, we recommend that you try our well-done bartenders Mohit, Daikeri and Cuba Libre. The pricing selection of rum and whiskey, as well as the selection of quality Caribbean cigars, will complement in a unique way the pleasant time spent in Casa de Cuba.

Let us make you part of Cuba’s seductive magic!

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