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We are here to bring revolution in the clothing industry and conquer the fashion world. Simple as that!

If you ask us how, here are the answers:

We are ECO

We strive to use 100% environmentally friendly materials for our production.

We use mixes of hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester for our fabrics.

We use energy efficient screen printing practices.

We use water based, 100% solvent free, ink




We bring European Finest Quality

Our products are made in Bulgaria according to all European Standards.

We treat our employees with dignity and respect, that’s why they produce the best out of the best.

We test our products for durability and elasticity by putting them through the hard knocks of life,

through the bodies of athletes, artists and serious professionals.



We love your body

Our materials are sensitive to your skin. Those are materials which will make you happy, while you wear them. Those textiles are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, lightweight and breathable. Believe us, you don’t want to wear a plastic bag in a form of a t-shirt.


We have sense for style and design

The art team from 0511Designs creates the most catchy and striking illustrations and designs. Our crew is dedicated and inspired by graffiti, nature, happy people and everything positive, which surrounds us.

Why hemp?

Because hemp is the most versatile and ecological crop on planet earth. Hemp requires no pesticides, no special environment and little amounts of water to grow. Besides that, you can recycle it and re-use it in many different forms.



“We follow the nature and we care about you and your environment.”


Check our design page 0511designs

Graphic Designs | Graffiti | Photo | Video | Sound | | Events | Clothing   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-QD284sp_g


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