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Puma Paradise Mall Closed nowOpens at 10:30 today

Puma Paradise Mall


                                   OUR VISION IS TO BE THE FASTEST SPORTS COMPANY IN THE WORLD.     

Location: Paradise Center, bulevard "Cherni vrah", Sofia, BulgariaWebsite: https://puma.fashionart.bgPhone: Paradise Mall: +359 2 995 0150 Ring Mall: +359 2 995 19 23 Varna: +359 52 501 105
Flyess Fitness Closed nowOpens at 06:30 today

Flyess Fitness


Flyes Fitness Club was established in 1994. Our first gym in Nadejda was the first success we shared

Location: ул. „Васил Радославов“ 483, 1715 ж.к. Младост 4, София, БългарияWebsite: 0895 57 44 07

Professional fitness instructor Alex Kirov


Hello, my name is Alex Kirov and I'm a certified fitness instructor and I've been doing fitness

Location: улица „Даскал Никита“ 2Б, София, БългарияWebsite: 0884121773
Sport Association ‘Parasof’ Closed nowOpens at 08:30 today

Sport Association 'Parasof'


Parachuting and Paragliding club Parasof is based in Sofia. We organize parachuting and paragliding

Location: ж.к."Свобода",бл.36,вх.Г, ап.55, София, БългарияPhone: 0889 506 319
Trec Nutrition – Online Store Closed nowOpens at 09:00 today

Trec Nutrition - Online Store


The history of TREC Nutrition® is closely related to the United States. For more than twelve years,

Location: Пловдив, БългарияWebsite: 0897051321 | 0895721072

FREE FLIGHT AirSports club


Welcome to the web site of "FREE FLIGHT" AirSports club! Here you will learn a lot about flying

Location: ulitsa "Geo Milev" 3, Pomorie, BulgariaWebsite: 0988364380
Fitness Center ‘Emotion’ Closed nowOpens at 08:00 today

Fitness Center 'Emotion'


Fitness & Spa Center Emotion is a modern complex featuring a wide variety of fitness and cardio

Location: ул. „Радост“ 49А, 9009 ж.к. Трошево, Варна, БългарияPhone: 0899114787

AZIMUT-Running and Orienteering Academy


Azimut Academy seeks to unite people who love sports and a healthy lifestyle. Here you can practice

Location: ул. „Йосиф Петров“ 2, Sofia, BulgariaWebsite: 0888231539
Azimut Sport – Sport fields and Sports Hall Closed now

Azimut Sport - Sport fields and Sports Hall


We offer the highest class assortment of artificial grass for football, volleyball, tennis, golf,

Location: str „Momin kladenec“,Lozenets, Sofia, BulgariaWebsite: http://azimutsport.comPhone: +359 89 360 27 33; +359 2 421 93 35